Charity shop website

Happy Hooves is an animal charity shop that mostly sells gifts & souvenirs for specific occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, etc.

They partnered with Atom42 to rebuild their e-commerce website and make the user journey clear and straightforward. The goal was to build a nice & friendly website where visitors wouldn’t be lost among the gifts categories and their variety.




UI/UX Designer at Atom42

The Designs

Checkout funnel

One of the biggest challenges was to organise the the charity’s website’s checkout funnel. The information that was requested from the user could be overwhelming and could increase the drop-off. To avoid this the process was split into steps so people could see their progress. The input elements were also designed to be intuitive and straightforward.

Responsive design

As much of the traffic was going from mobile, we had to reassure the Happy Hooves would look great on any device. I customised the designs for the smartphone screens trying to reuse components on different pages for faster development.

As the charity website had lots of product categories, the menu required specific attention. It supposed to look intuitive and be handy in helping users to explore the products.

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