Driving School Email Template

The new shining website for RED raised their conversions. After the successful launch, Atom42 agency kept working for the company as a retainer. Marketing campaigns required designing new assets such as Landing pages, Display ads, and Email templates.

Even though there were not many emails to design, they still needed to follow the new RED style, be visually catching and engaging. It was also important that people would find it easy to scan through the text without missing any crucial information.


November 2019


UI/UX Designer at Atom 42

Keeping users informed

As coronavirus hit, the school couldn’t hold practical lessons any longer. To keep their customers updated and not to lose students after the pandemic, RED had to regularly inform people about their plans, further actions, and updates via emails.

We urgently needed to design a couple of email mockups with a simple table-based structure. Nicely styled text, a block to highlight the important information and a few banner designs managed to solve the problem.

Booking engagement

Another email template was designed for the engagement-raise campaign. It was mainly focused on selling the magazine that helps students to learn more about the drive and to pass their exams.

The email design had to stay simple but needed to visually sell the magazine and clearly provide all the options to get it. Standing out CTAs together with eye-catching imagery provided the solution we were looking for.

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