Driving School Website

Red Driving School is an outstanding award-winning school. Their approach earned people’s trust and love, however, the online world still remained unconquered.

They realised their outdated website didn’t perform well in converting visitors. An old-fashioned design together with an entangled user journey was pretty confusing for the new customers and RED was determined to fix that.


September 2019


UI/UX Designer at Atom 42


Even though the website needed lots of improvements, it had pretty much content that needed to be restructured and migrated afterward.

As a result, this project required a deep UX analysis to organise user flow in the most efficient, simple, and straightforward way.

From the UI perspective, our goal was to keep it minimalistic not to overwhelm people. Although I aimed to create a bolder design for blocks that needed to stand out and to attract more attention.

Following some brand guidelines the company already established, I managed to keep its original style but improved it by adding fancy dynamic shapes and watermarks so it perfectly suited the brand-new design.

The Designs

Responsive layout

When analysing the traffic, we discovered that lots of it were coming from mobile devices. That’s why we had to make sure all the pages were responsive and looked great on any device with any screen size.

Blocks such as web forms and megamenu required our specific attention when we were adapting them for smartphones. It was important to create smooth navigation and make sure that filling checkout form doesn’t bring any frustrations to the users.

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