Energy Switch Landing Page

Migrate is a startup that helps people to switch to the cheapest energy provider in their area. Together with Atom42 agency they’ve been running campaigns to expand their audience and get positioning on the market.

The company already had a website but as a part of the Awareness campaign, we needed to create a Landing page that could educate people on how Migrate can save their money.


February 2019


UI/UX Designer at Atom42


Migrate already had a fun and friendly brand which was built around a cute puffin character. While designing the page I had to follow the look & feel they already had but was free to play with it.

Considering there were lots of puffin’s illustrations and ready-to-go animations the design process was pretty fun and inspiring.

From the UX perspective, we had to think about content accessibility. As the business was quite new on the market, we wanted to provide as many details as possible and cover the questions people might have.

Therefore we needed to make sure the design simplifies information scanning and doesn’t overwhelm users in any case.

Responsive design

One of the most important sections on the page was a comparison table showing how Migrate saves more than other competitors. It was important to make it readable on the Mobile screen considering that the table might have many columns.

To solve that issue, I designed a table that allows scrolling the content with a swipe while Migrate’s data stays fixed and always visible on the screen.

Final Design

In the process of design, I’ve created a couple of different concepts to test & compare. The final decision was towards a simpler layout with no extraordinary design elements as they’ve attracted redundant attention while we wanted a reader to stay focused on the content.

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