Eyecare Clinic Ads

Ophthalmic Consultants of London provide eye surgery treatments. Atom42’s marketing department works closely with them helping to develop their brand, expand the audience and strengthen their position on the market.

The agency was leading a few marketing campaigns aimed at spreading brand awareness and engaging the users who were searching for eye surgery. The campaigns were varying depending on how people connected with OCL first, where they were located and what information they were looking for.


September 2020


UI/UX Designer at Atom42

Adapting the content

There were designed about 4 different concepts to reach various audiences. Following the OCL style, I played with textures and watermarks to create a unique touch for each concept. As ads were also running on different platforms the concept needed to be adapted to custom sizes. The content and imagery had to stay eye-catchy so I was focused not to lose that effect for narrow-sized banners.

Animating the designs

To grab people’s attention to the ads it was decided to breathe more life into some concepts by animating them. A simple effect of the content appearing on the screen supposed to interest the viewers and engage them to explore further.

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