Healthcare website

OneWelbeck is a healthcare facility based in London that unites outstanding doctors with different specialities.

OneWelbeck partnered with Atom42 to fully rebuild their website, develop a recognisable brand, attract new clients, and improve an existing online experience.




UI/UX Designer at Atom42


The medical website needed a fresh new look that would also be recognisable and memorable.

A luxury-looking logo, light colour palette and spacious futuristic imagery made the brand unique & outstanding.

The website had to represent many specialities, be descriptive & provide an easy appointment journey. By analysing competitors and defining the featured points I managed to find a perfect balance combining all the functionals together.

Special specialities

To provide a unique representation of every healthcare department we designed a separate mini-website for each of them with unique corresponding structures. To keep a connection between these branches I followed the same style but picked a different accent colour for each to highlight their distinction.

The Designs

Intuitive navigation

We realised that for users, it’s quite critical to find what they need fast, whether they are searching by treatment or by their condition. For the best experience, I’ve designed an interactive mega menu that allows people not only to search by a keyword but also visually navigate by a specific body area. The new design made this medical website extremely intuitive.

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