Fitness Centre Landing Page

1Life is a network of Sports & Leisure centres based in the UK. Atom42 agency has been working with them for a long time providing marketing & design help to improve their online rankings.

One of the marketing campaigns was focused on promoting each leisure centre to a local community. To promote them separately and to provide comprehensive information to each audience, we needed to create a Landing page for each of them.


August 2019


UI/UX Designer at Atom42


For easier page management it was important to make all sections of the website flexible. Each landing page had different content that’s why every page block had to be easily changeable & adaptable.

The most important blocks such as web forms and membership tiles needed to engage and nicely represent all the information that might be crucial for the clients.

Gyms are usually associated with movement and dynamics and 1Life brand has very positive & colourful vibes. When creating the landing page I was focused on uniting both concepts but keeping it stylish and modern.

To make a little internal A/B testing I created a few design variations to compare and to decide which UI would engage better. You can see these designs below.

The Designs

Responsive layout

The gallery supposed to be one of the most engaging sections on the website. The challenging part of developing was that different leisure centres had a different amount of images to show. To solve that I designed a variety of carousel layouts so this could be easily adapted for every content.

It was also important to design a mobile adaptation as filling forms and scrolling galleries had to stay smooth and frustration-less for any user.

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