Sport Centres Social Ads

This marketing campaign was launched to spread awareness around 1life opportunities and to attract more people to the sport classes.

When designing single pages for the leisure centres, we managed to develop the 1life style by adding more dynamic shapes and properly reusing the brand colours. So when creating new Facebook ad designs and taking UI decisions I decided to follow the paved path and keep these motion vibes.


March 2020


UI/UX designer at Atom42

Facebook Feeds Ads

For this campaign we needed our Facebook ads design to suit both stories and posts format. The content was highlighting that gyms and classes are available at any time of the week.

Thus, for the stories, I used native Instagram time stickers to give them a real-time look. While for the posts marketing team decided to go with a carousel for more users’ engagement. Keeping it dynamic, I’ve managed to mock up a carousel where posts flow from one another to keep a reader interested.

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