Online Skincare Survey

Together with Atom42 agency, Nivea was holding a marketing campaign to improve organic traffic and attract more UK users. As a part of this campaign, the team decided to launch an online Survey that can analyse users’ skincare routine and generate personalised advice.




UI/UX designer at Atom42


From the UX perspective, we were challenged to minimise users drop off and make their journey as smooth and delightful as possible. That meant that designs had to be catchy and engage people proceeding to the end of the survey.

Consistent layout, natural imagery, and a progress bar that showed the progress supposed to keep people going.

Keeping UI minimalistic I managed to add some eye-catchy imagery and designed interactive illustrations for users to have fun playing with them.

It was also important to keep the layout responsive. That’s why we opted to go for a static frame making sure blocks won’t be messed up on the non-standard screens.

The Designs

Responsive layout

Even though we designed the layout as a frame that could easily fit any screen size, we needed to develop a user-friendly mobile view to make sure smartphone users won’t have trouble filling the questionnaire as well.

Final step

Once users finish the survey they get personalised care advice. However, people might want to get even more information via email so for that purpose we needed to design a custom template.

Besides some general information, the email had to include a link to the detailed care guidance and display a few featured products picked for the person. Thus, I designed a responsive layout that satisfied the requirements.

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