Operational Improvement Ads

Newton is a UK-based specialist in operational improvement. They work in a variety of industries such as healthcare, retail, infrastructure, manufacturing, etc.

To reach their audiences Newton has been working closely with Atom42. As a part of such campaigns, we’ve been also developing Landing pages and display ad designs. This showcase represents ads concepts that raise awareness and lead viewers to specific pages.


March 2019


UI/UX Designer at Atom42

Fitting the designs

Newton has a well-developed brand style to follow. However, while the marketing team was challenged to create catchy content, I was working on fitting it well for different platforms and sizes. The text had to be bold, to stand out, not to be lost or missed on the contrast of the engaging graphics.

We’ve been also launching these ads for some socials and kept experimenting with different messages. The designs had to stay “stretchy”, responsive and flexible to be tweaked at any moment.

Making it pop

Animated banners definitely grab users’ attention while they scroll a page. It also allows fitting more content by switching the screens. That’s why for this campaign I have designed fancy but simple HTML5 animations & adapted them to different banners types so we could launch them on Google Adwords.

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