Property Reviews Website

Honest Rent is a platform where people can leave reviews for rented properties. Being a startup, the company needed to develop their brand identity & design a new website to reach its first customers.

Working closely with CEO we made a long journey from users’ analysis, functional structuring and design development to a successful launch of the website.


Dec 2021


UX & UI Designer, Freelance


The idea of a service where people could exchange their reviews of the properties was quite new on the market. In this initial stage, the website’s purpose was to announce the startup’s presence on the market, reach its first users and test the idea.

As a result, I designed a simple website that followed the expectations of its target audience, had minimal required functionality, was easy to pivot and didn’t take many resources to launch.

User research

Profound market research is especially crucial for startups as targeting the right users defines a business’s future development and direction.

Exploring the London market state, investigating the community groups and surveying people on socials, I’ve built 4 different personas profiles. Besides general analysis, we also explored their values, motivations & frustrations. Altogether this allowed us to understand the website’s potential customers and define what would be really important for them in the future design.

Brand identity

The Honest Rent’s main users appeared to be young adults & families. The brand itself was supposed to create a trustworthy, safe environment where people would feel free to chat, leave their feedback & share.

As a result, we created a solution that combined fun colours, playful shapes, cheering emojis & engaging message popups with an easy minimalistic approach for a professional look.

The Designs

Leaving a review

The “Leave a Review” section is the key section on this website. The design of this page had to be engaging but in any case not an obstruction for people who decided to leave a review. To simplify the process, I split the survey into steps and dilluted it with interactive widgets for a more pleasant experience.

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